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Dreams Inc

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

In tough economic times, people need a reason to hope. That is why Dreams Inc. was created, to give people that hope. Dreams Inc. was a small start up company with an internet based community outreach campaign. But no matter how many dreams came true, some dreams were always being snuffed out. Let’s raise the ratio, thought Dr. Golgecci the founder of Dreams Inc. Let’s make more dreams come true.

See, there was a pattern to many of the dreams people had. Just turning forty or fifty and in some cases as young as twenty-five and hitting the economic downturn people started to feel in addition to the pinch of their pockets that their dreams were never going to come true. They were never going to play on a Charlottesville stage. They were never going to hit a home run. They were never going to be heard by the government. They were never going write their magnum opus.

The world was quickly becoming censored and monitored. As privacy dropped, people tucked their dreams even further in the pockets of their souls even as science reduced the size a soul could be daily. And so some dreams were just being cast aside. This wasn’t the age of savages. There was no room for fancy, dilly dally, fanaticism, or rampant imagination. When the light and untrained parts of our minds worked well, things were fun and light and pleasant. But human nature had a tendency to murder, rape, and plot. Squelching American freedoms saves lives, period.

Some dreams were fulfilled easily when Golgecci processed enough dreams to find harmony between various dreams. Many people dreamed of music, and so Golgecci formed bands and sent out the proper information connecting wannabes of different instruments with similar genre preferences. He coordinated writers groups to help tease out those long lost magnum opuses. There were the nymphomaniacs, the xenophiles, the xenophobes, and the narrower minded people looking for more of their ilk. And he processed them with the swift determination reserved for each and every dream.

He fought for privacy from the government and won. Dreams weren’t meant to be government property. His work was a social safety valve. Also, many of the dreams were just as likely to come from unhappy members of the existing government as anybody else, and Golgecci made sure each official understood the amazing sensation of a dream come true. He litigated and lobbied a little more freedom into the American private life.

Crime plummeted, as drug possession and thought crimes could no longer be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But the government and the people were living their dreams and a high teenager or minimum wage worker was the least of their worries. As the police learned due process all over again, and the internal security agents relaxed, Golgecci killed a young woman and put her in his refrigerator fulfilling one of his dreams immediately and preparing to fulfill a couple more. Dreams are hard to come by, and harder still for a necrophiliac. But it is an amazing feeling to have a dream come true.

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