Freedom of Meaninglessness

I call life how I see it. I see it progressively and I try out new frameworks in an effort to get closer and closer to the truth of whatever is out there or whatever core truths can be found.

So here I am toying with a personal flavor of nihilism because no matter how much I think of one thing or another thing, I find myself vividly aware that the meaning applied is relative and changing as we grow and review. Some funny jokes are offensive. Some of our history is less glamorous. The knights of the round table didn’t know how sexist they were so their chivalry becomes moot.

I’m helpless to protect women from having acid thrown on their faces or other retarded acts of the lack of sophistication coming from world news. I am just as helpless to reduce the United States large percentage of murderers.

However, change has to come from somewhere if we are to see the people of the future in better circumstances. But in the long run, though we try for better circumstances, there are many things on the cosmic sense that can destroy us by shattering our earth or something. We live on average 75 years and then no one knows what happens to us, but we could just cease to be. All we know is this form stops. Your form will stop too. Look around, after thousands of years we still have mass murders, serial murders, police brutality, racism, religiously charged violence, violent political upheavals, and psychotic fundamentals. After all these years, I think humans have a long way to go to live civilly and use reason as their tools of compromise and inclusiveness.

But it doesn’t matter. I don’t have to change it. I have to play my role. It’s not going to revolutionize the world but it might be a pixel in a picture of hope. I don’t need meaning to play my role. I like the idea of improving things even temporary things like our lives or the pleasantness of today. I can only trust in a series of moments of life. I can’t even trust how many. I’m here and one day that will stop. I don’t have to worry because I’m being me. I’ve chosen to let that matter and to ignore the rest.

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